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131 male and female athletes represent the UAE in the 15th edition of the Arab Games in Algeria

6,000 athletes from various Arab countries participating in the games

131 male and female athletes represent the UAE in the 15th edition of the Arab Games in Algeria

  • The UAE participates in 15 games, including two games for people of determination (disabled people)

  • Athletics cut the ribbon of participation on the fourth of July at Sato Stadium, one day before the opening ceremony

  • 5 Algerian cities host 245 competitions in the Arab tournament

  • Dubai, Media Center, National Olympic Committee

The U.A.E. participates in the 15th Arab Games, which will be hosted by Algeria during the period (5-15) of next July, represented by the National Olympic Committee, under the slogan: "With sports we progress and compete, in Algeria we meet". 6,000 athletes from various Arab countries participate and compete in 23 sports, including 3 sports for people of determination (disabled people) through 245 sports competitions to be held in 5 different cities namely: Algeria, Constantine, Oran, Tipaza, and Annaba.

The UAE delegation will participate in the tournament in 15 sports: women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s athletics, boxing, judo, swimming for men and women, karate for men and women, badminton for men and women, cycling for men and women, weightlifting for men and women, table tennis, and fencing for men and women, chess for men and women, basketball on chairs and athletics for men and women for people of determination, (disabled people).

The UAE delegation in the Arab Tournament is represented by 131 athletes, including 80 male and 51 female players, as athletics cuts the ribbon of participation on the fourth of next July at Sato Stadium one day before the opening ceremony, followed by judo on the sixth of July in the Oval Hall.

The tournament is held under the supervision of the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees, with the aim of cementing the unity of Arab youth, strengthening friendship among Arab peoples, and reinforcing the principles of the Arab Olympic Movement.

Ahmed Al-Tayeb Director of the Technical and Sports Affairs Department in the National Olympic Committee commenced the press conference, which was held at the committee’s headquarters in Dubai today Tuesday in presence of representatives of sports federations and various media, stressing the importance of successful participation and excellent results in line with the reputation and position of the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, he stressed that the Arab tournament is a unique opportunity for all athletes, given the date of holding it before the kick-off of the next sports events that need strong preparations, in order to ensure the greatest benefit in implementation of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai President of National Olympic Committee who stressed the need to strive and redouble efforts in all sporting events, especially the foreign ones, because they represent a great value for sports delegations that compete highlighting their technical readiness and the level of their athletes in all aspects on which the Olympic movement is based essentially such as excellence, respect, and friendship.

Al-Tayeb stated that all the participating federations in the Arab tournament during joint coordination meetings with the National Olympic Committee during the last stage reviewed their respective preparations for taking part in this tournament and the other following sport events, as the sports teams and their accompanying delegations begin to leave starting from the first of next July. The collective games draw in the Arab League in Algeria will take place on the 20th of this month, where the date for the competitions will be determined based on the result of the draw. He also referred to the date of the opening of the sports village to all athletes on the second of next July. He added that five Algerian cities will host the event. As for the UAE delegation, 10 sports competitions will be held in Algiers, with swimming in Oran, cycling and table tennis in Tipaza, and chess in Constantine.

During the press conference, Ahmed Al-Tayeb revealed the participation of the UAE, represented by the National Olympic Committee, in the events of the ninth edition of the Francophone Games, which will be held in Kinshasa the capital of the Congo, during the period (July 28-August 6), with 3 sports: judo, table tennis, and athletics.

Al-Tayeb also referred to the UAE's participation in two sports in the World Beach Games in Bali, Indonesia to be held next August during the period (12-5). Al Hammadi, the player of our national rowing team won the silver medal in the men's singles competition in the Asian Championships recently held in Thailand.

Every 4 years the Francophone Games bring together nearly 3,000 participants, including athletes, artists, and athletes in cultural competitions and sport competitions for games. The activities are not limited to sports only. The tournament includes 7 cultural competitions: singing, dancing, sculpturing, drawing, photographing, stories and literature. Morocco's Rabat and Casablanca hosted the first edition in 1989. Paris hosted the second edition in 1994. Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar in 1997, and Quebec in Canada in 2001. Niamey the capital of Niger in 2005, Beirut in 2009, Nice in France in 2013, and Abidjan in 2017.


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