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A-Rahoomi:“A Periodical Medical Report, Frequently, will be Issued on our Participating Delegation”

Abdullah A-Rohomi, the physician of the UAE delegation participating in the Olympiad Tokyo Round, confirmed that the safety and health of all the athletes is our major priority. Moreover, he added that the delegation has shown great cooperation to achieve the targeted objectives of the health care, before and during the contests period. We have been existed in all the locations and venues of the training and contests to insure and maintain all the procedure health requirements.

Al-Rohomi, indicated that, his mission with the athlete’s delegation in Tokyo, is represented in two major tasks. The first one is to follow the health status of the athletes, as well as all the delegation members and to be ready for any developments that might happen to the participating team. Secondly, coordinating with the organizing committee as regards to any precautions and safety measures. Furthermore, arranging collection of the Covid-19 test samples and to be delivered to the concerned departments.

Al-Rohomi added that, the periodical updating reports shall be issued on the UAE delegation fully covered all the participating members, on the sports, administrative staff and the media team accompanying the delegation. These reports shall update the status of all the members and disclose any of the infected cases or contaminated ones in order to follow in case of any positive indication. He added that, the delegation showed great interest to bear the responsibility to represent UAE as usual in all the international forums and events to assure highly-ranking face of UAE as one of the civilized world.


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