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Al Faheem: “We are Aspiring to Watch the UAE Flag Raising on the Honoring Platforms”

The ceremony has been attended by H.E. Shehab Ahamed Al-Faheem, the Ambassador of UAE to Japan and H.E. Engineer Aza Bint Suleyman, the Assistant Secretary General for the Administrative and Financial Affairs of the National Olympic Committee.

H.E. Shehab Ahmad Al Faheem, the Ambassador of UAE to Japan has confirmed that existing with the athletes, the sons of our beloved country in such great prestigious ceremony it provokes our pride, glory and prejudice to be UAE citizens. UAE has spent all affordable efforts to support continually its sons in all fields. Our wise leadership always enhances all the efforts and mobilizing all resources for the bright future of our country.

Al Faheem has indicated that witnessing the UAE flag highly fapping in the opening ceremony in the largest sports event all over the world inspires us with glory, honor, optimism and challenge in order to achieve triumphs and victory in all the sports competitions and contests. We are all as integrating team representing the UAE embassy staff and the administrative accompanying members work together for the benefit and safety of our athletes in these extraordinary circumstances around the world.

Al Faheem also expressed his hope to witness the UAE flag flapping in this Olympic tournament in the honoring platforms achieving one of the colored medals to be presented as a gift to our leadership and the people of the UAE. We do wish to see our country in the honoring and triumph list of achievements and successes in all events of the tournament. He also appreciated the attention, care and concern exerted by His Highness Sheikh Ahamed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the President of the National Olympic Committee, where he has directed to formulate joint working teams between the embassy and the committee in order follow all the matters and procedures and updates received from the organizing committee and the other concerned departments as regards to the Covid-19 test and any other precautionary measures immediately from the arrival up to the departure moment.


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