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Al Hattawi: We all have to support Al-Matrooshi in his sports career during the next stage

Marawan Al Hattawi, our national swimming team coach, stressed the importance of supporting Yousuf Al Matrooshi, our national team swimmer during the next stage, especially after his honorable participation in the Olympic Games currently held in Tokyo, which is a distinguished start for the swimmer in his career, which grants him the desired confidence in the early stages of his life and makes him realize the value of participating in such major forums, pointing out that the focus now is on the readiness to appear in the required image at the World Championships in Abu Dhabi next December, as well as the Gulf and Arab Championships.

Al Hattawi expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Al-Wasl Club, for directing the club’s management to develop an integrated program for swimmer Yousuf Al Matrooshi, and to honor him in appreciation of his insistence on achieving the achievement in his participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Al-Hattawi expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the National Olympic Committee for the efforts made to ensure the success of the participation of all athletes in the Olympic event in Tokyo, despite the difficult and exceptional circumstances the world is going through. He also thanked Al-Wasl Sports Club for its interest and support for swimming by providing a highly qualified technical and administrative staff and to all swimmers at Al-Wasl Club for their cohesion and teamwork. Thanks are also expressed to the Swimming Federation for providing the opportunity for Yousuf Al Matrooshi to participate in this forum.


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