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Al-Murr: There is an urgent need for an innovative program to ensure the promote athletics

H.E Major General Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Murr, President of the Athletics Federation, confirmed that the UAE, according to its vision, developed a strategy to be among the best countries in the world by the golden jubilee of the Federation, including the promotion of UAE sports to compete at the international level, especially in Olympic participations and achievement accomplishments, noting that The federation, with its new formation, believes in an urgent need for an innovative program that ensures the promotion of athletics and requires a system based on an institutional governance system.

Al-Murr added, “We are currently working in the Federation to develop a strategy that includes set of promotions, most notably providing support for the game within clubs, provide champions, support school sports, promotion of women’s athletics, and the settlement of referees and coaches.”

This was on the occasion of the participation of our national team’s runner, Mohamed Hassan Al Noobi, in the 100-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics. Added, “We have great confidence in the team’s runner, Mohamed Al Noobi, as we found enthusiasm, confidence and desire to achieve an achievement for the UAE during follow-up in training camp, asking him honorable representation and to do his best to achieve a positive result.

Al-Murr concluded, "After analyzing the situation in the Federation, clubs and the results of participation in the Olympics, the situation of the game will be assessed and the appropriate plan will be drawn up, which will mainly aim to raise the level of athletes in the country in order to increase participation in international forums and achieve the desired results."


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