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Al-Musallam: The UAE is an important partner of the International Swimming Federation

H.E Dr. Hussain Al-Musallam, President of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), affirmed that UAE is an important partner of the International Swimming Federation, for organization of international championships and implementation of various programs and mechanisms, that the main objective is to raise the level of swimmers and enhance their abilities in the best possible way.

Al-Musallam added that UAE, with its unique institutions, facilities and infrastructure, represented one of the best options for sports decision makers in the world to hold major sports forums and events, which reflects its readiness to deal with any events it hosts with the participation of many athletes around the world.

Al-Musallam pointed out that among such important forums, not only according to the International Swimming Federation “FINA” agenda but according to the agenda of the global sports movement, is the World Championships for Short Distance Swimming (25 meters), which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi with the participation of 1,000 swimmers during next December, where the attention of all swimming followers and fans will turn to, to watch the world and the Olympic champions in UAE, which we are proud of being one of the active successive partners of FINA.

The president of the International Swimming Federation added that many of the champions and athletes participating in the Olympic Games, currently held in Tokyo, have spent preparation periods and camps in the UAE in preparation for the Olympic forum, pointing out that there are some programs and initiatives that the International Federation will put forward in cooperation and coordination with the National Olympic Committee, including the “Eradication of Swimming illiteracy" program which will address some important aspects related to raising awareness and education necessary for the benefits of swimming, whether from the health or psychological aspect, in addition to achieving safety and security elements for all athletes.


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