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" Athletics" gives the UAE 5 medals in the Arab Games

Sultan bin Mejren: We have rock-solid confidence in the Emiratis

" Athletics" gives the UAE 5 medals in the Arab Games

Fatima Al-Hosani wins the bronze in the discus throw, promising better resulte

Winning the bronze medal in the women’s discus throw competition, Women’s athletics team player Fatima Al Hosani raised the UAE’s medals in the 15th Arab Sports Games “Algeria 2023” to 5 medals. She won the third place by scoring a distance of 43:53 meters, winning her bronze medal. This is in addition to Al Shaali Hassan Al-Nuaimi's bronze, which he won in the 20 km walking competition within 1:43 hours. This is in addition to the three wins by handicapped players athletics team including Sultan Al Shamsi's Bronze “Shot Put” for a distance of 8.08 meters and a total of 485 points, Mohammed Khalifa Al Mazrouei's Bronze “100m wheelchairs contest" scoring 729 points and Rashid Al-Zeyoudi's bronze “javelin throw” scoring 507 points. Our teams are still continuing competitions today with ambitions for winning more gold medals and higher places.

The UAE women's athletics team player Fatima Al Hosani expressed her happiness for winning a bronze medal that in discus throw competition in the fifteenth Arab Games "Algeria 2023". She said that her achievement has been made in such strong competition with her counterparts. The high-level young champion added: "I am very happy with this medal. Although I previously won in other Arab games, but this medal has its own consideration because it has been achieved in the largest Arab sports gathering. My abilities qualify me to achieve the best, but the conditions prevailing on game day sometimes make the difference in the ranking of the front positions. Anyhow, I am proud that I have reached the trophy podium and raised the flag of my country in my first participation in the Arab tournament in Algeria since 2011.

Fatima added: "My number (43:53 meters) is not far from the first and second who achieved 47 meters with a difference of centimeters from each other. This motivates me to increase my efforts and to continue developing my level in order to reach better results. I look forward to winning again when I enter the shot put competition at the end of my participation in the games”

Regarding her upcoming participations, Fatima said: "when I return to the UAE, I will immediately start preparing for my participation in the Asian Games scheduled for the period from September 23 to October 8, thanks to the support by the Athletics Federation and preparatory camps, I will achieve the best".

Al-Hammadi qualified to the final 200-meter mix

Yesterday "Thursday" UAE sports delegation consisting of 131 male and female players, continued in the tournament. In swimming, swimmer Omar Al Hammadi qualified to the final of the 200 mix competition with a time of 2.21 minutes.

The team coach Marwan Al-Hatawi, commented on Al-Hammadi's win saying: “Al-Hammadi’s qualifying to the final and his presence among the best 8 swimmers at the Arab level in the 200-meter mix competition is an achievement in itself, bearing in mind that he competed with very strong swimmers, including internationally ranked professional swimmers from Algeria and Jordan who train in America. Therefore, I am very satisfied with his performance, and I hope that he will improve his number in the final among the best Arab swimmers in this sport.


With 31 medals, Algeria leads the general rankings after the third day

Algeria has led the general medal rankings at the end of the competitions of the third day of competitions (Wednesday) with 31 medals including 14 golds, 8 silvers and 9 bronzes, followed by Bahrain with 15 medals being 7 golds, 3 silvers and 5 bronzes, and Qatar placed third with 5 medals including 3 Golds as well as one Silver and one Bronze.

Palestine was placed fourth with 3 gold medals, followed by Morocco being fifth with 16 medals (two golds, 10 silvers and 4 bronzes), Tunisia sixth with 18 medals (2 golds, 7 silvers and 9 bronzes), and Egypt being in the seventh place with two golds, and Jordan eighth place with 6 medals (one gold) and 3 silvers and two bronzes, followed by Syria placed in the ninth place with 5 medals one gold, one silver and 3 bronzes, followed by Oman in the tenth place with two medals, one gold and one bronze, and Kuwait in the eleventh place with 3 medals two silvers and one bronze. The UAE received 3 other bronze medals in the disabled players' competitions which are not added to the ranking table.

Libya was placed 12th with one silver. The UAE was placed 13th with two bronze medals equal with Iraq which also ranked 13th with the same medals, while Yemen was placed in 15th rank with one bronze medal.


Media Center in Oran dedicates its services to the UAE delegation

Hizia Telamsi head of the Local Press And Media Committee and head of the main media center and its affiliated branches in the state of Oran expressed her deep welcome and happiness with the participation of the UAE sports delegation participating in the games. She welcomed the media delegation accompanying the Sports delegation, stressing that all available capabilities are dedicated in the media center, which is equipped with all the necessary technologies for the media to the members of the Emirati delegation.

The Organizing Committee issued a daily magazine for the Games entitled (Amaias) which means the Hoggar Leopard: the fastest runner in wildlife well known in Africa and the Middle East, also called "Amaias" by the people of the desert in the heart of Tamanrasset in the far south of Algeria.

This distinguished animal belonging to the cats family was recently spotted in the Ahaggar Animals Reserve, and it is known to be the fastest animal on the planet.

A distinguished opening ceremony for the 15th edition of the Arab Games

Chess and boxing teams take on the first challenge

The badminton quadrangle qualifies for the round 16 in the singles competition

The 15th edition of the Arab Games opened with a special ceremony at the 5th July Stadium in the Algerian capital. The ceremony included many diverse and wonderful performances, which reflect the size and significance of the Arab sports Event that coincided with Algeria's Independence Day.

The opening ceremony was attended by Ayman Abdel Rahman the Algerian Prime Minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal President of the Federation of Arab National Olympic Committees, Abdel Rahman Hammad the Algerian Minister of Sports, His Excellency Youssef Saif Khamis Saba Al Ali UAE Ambassador to Algeria, and His Excellency Sultan bin Sheikh bin Mejren Member Executive Office of the Federation of Arab National Olympic Committees head of the UAE delegation participating in the Arab Games, Ahmed Al-Tayeb director of the delegation and director of the Technical and Sports Affairs Department of the National Olympic Committee, in addition to a number of officials, athletes and members of the diplomatic corps in Algeria.

The UAE delegation participated in the opening ceremony queue at the July 5 Stadium, with a large audience attending the stadium, which can accommodate about 80,000 people. The UAE flag was raised by our national chess player Salem Abdul Rahman in the ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the Arab Games was distinguished with creativity and distinction blending past, present, and future, as well as drawing a beautiful image of the Algeria's nature and highlighting the richness of the tangible and intangible cultural and artistic heritage with the display of a sports exhibition board and a view of various sports with modern technology.

Arab Games Anthem

During the opening ceremony, the first official anthem for the Arab Games was played. The flag of the League of Arab States, the flag of the Federation of National Olympic Committees and the flag of the Arab Games for the 15th edition were all raised as well.

His Excellency Sultan bin Mejren stressed that participation in the Arab Sports event bears great importance, given that sport is the language of peoples, as the UAE is keen on the participation of Arab States in various Arab events and activities. He praised the distinguished opening ceremony of the Arab Games event, which coincided with Algeria's Independence Day.

Bin Mejren pointed out that there is great confidence in the Emiratis to achieve the best and to make such honorable representation that reflects the reputation and position of the UAE at the sports level, especially since the journey of winning medals began by our champions. We count on our players in the coming days, despite the rapid preparations by the various teams due to the rapid establishment of the Arab tournament. He stressed that he called on the players to do their best to raise the UAE flag high on the trophy podiums to dedicate medals to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of the UAE, may God protect him, as well as to all Emiratis.

Future Map

The head of the Emirati delegation added that drawing future sports map begins with participation in events and external games. The Arab Games in Algeria is an important event as it brings together countries from the Asian and African continents.

Bin Mejren highlighted the meeting of the Executive Office and the meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab National Olympic Committees, which highlighted the points stated in the request made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host the next version of the Arab Games. This confirms that the Arab Games event is developing towards brighter future after the successful hosting by Algeria with a great effort by the Organizing Committee despite many challenges due to the approval of Games last March, i.e. about 3 months ago.


With team competitions, our national teams will compete (tomorrow, Friday) in 8 different games, where the chess team will kick off its game in the Military Boat Hall in Constantine. Men’s team includes: Salem Abdel Rahman, Omar Noman, Abdel Rahman Al-Taher, Othman Musa and Ammar Al-Sidrani. Women’s team includes Kholoud Issa Al-Zarouni, Rawda Issa Al-Serkal, Wafia Darwish Al-Maamari, Ahlam Rashid, and Anoud Issa.

Our national boxing team begins its game in Ben Aknoun Military Center Hall, which includes 4 names: Nawaf Mubarak in the 57 kg competitions, and Hussein Al Shamar in the 70 kg competition. As for women's competition, Haya Jassim weighs 52 kg and Jawaher Al Amiri weighs 48 kg are participating.


The badminton competitions continue in the Ishra Ain Al-Bunyan Hall in the Algerian capital, where Maryam Al-Balooshi, Farah Al-Hajji and Nasser Al-Sayegh qualified for the round 16 after passing the round 32 along with our player Ghadeer Al-Tahri, who qualified in advance according to the draw results. In addition to the singles, our national team will compete in the doubles and mixed doubles categories.

Our women's national volleyball team lost at the start of their game against the host Algeria with a score of 0-3. In its second game, our national team will play Qatar in the multi-sports hall Al-Aibar.

Our national team (disabled players) will compete the Libyan team in the basketball competitions in the second game of the national team in the tournament.

Muhammad Al-Shibli: We are ready to kick off the challenge

Mohamed Al-Shibli coach of our national boxing team, confirmed their readiness for the Arab challenge by participating with the young duo Nawaf Mubarak and Hussein Al-Shammar, who previously participated in the World Championships in Uzbekistan. This Arab tournament is considered the second stage of preparation for the Asian Games "The Masters", indicating that the team's chances depend on the results of the draw, which will determine the identity of the competitors in the competition, which includes about 12 countries.

Al-Shibli pointed out that the most difficult teams to compete in the competition are Egypt, Morocco and Algeria. He added that the national team players will be keen to achieve the best results despite the challenges due to the short period of time for preparations that forced them to carry out local preparations, indicating that the morale is high among the male and female players, especially in light of the dedication of all capabilities and the provision of all facilities by the National Olympic Committee.

Al-Shibli explained that, in addition to achieving results, the importance of the Games is represented in our players gaining more experience through playing with such strong and elite players in boxing. He pointed out that they were keen not to put pressure on the players because of the conditions of preparation for the tournament, confirming that they have such great confidence in the Emiratis in this Arab tournament


Salem Abdul Rahman: I am Proud to raise the UAE flag in the Arab ceremony

Salem Abdul Rahman, our national chess player, expressed his pride in raising the UAE flag during the opening ceremony of the Arab Games, which is a platform for athletes from various games, indicating that he participated in many Asian and Arab Olympic tournaments on many occasions, but the feeling seems different in this tournament, in light of this wide participation of Arab delegations.

Salem Abdul Rahman said that their chances are in chess competitions, and the Arab Games is an important event to contact and paly with many players, wishing them success in winning medals, including gold, which is their first ambition


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