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Bin Sulayem: Our goal is to leave positive imprints about the Emirates in every participation

On his part, His Excellency Mohammed Ben Sulayem, Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee, stressed that the competition of our atheletes in the Olympic Games in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, writes a new history for the United Arab Emirates and the presence of its athletes in the largest and most important forums that bring together athletes from different countries of the world.

Bin Sulayem pointed out that the levels, the distinguished results, and the honorable performance expected from our athletes in the games through which they represent the Emirates, are all factors that are not new to the Emiratis in their honorable journey at various levels, especially they appreciate the interest and support of our wise leadership that invests in our athletes giving them a strong motivation to continue to represent the Emirates and raise its flag flapping high.

Bin Sulayem added that the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the National Olympic Committee, that the participation of our athletes effective and distinguished along with achieving the best results and records, contributed greatly to forming the personality of our athletes and enhancing their awareness on the value and responsibility of representing the country in various forums and entitlements, emphasizing the follow-up of His Highness the President of the National Olympic Committee for all the events of the Olympic is always the first incentive to move forward and strive to record successes and achievements in the name of the nation.

The Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee added that the goal of the committee when competing in all sporting events is not only to win colourful medals and titles, but also to leave positive imprints and unique images about the United Arab Emirates, representing civilized, humanitarian, cultural and heritage unconventional models, showing the whole world the most wonderful experiences in establishing the principles of love, brotherhood and peace.


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