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Bint Suleyman; “Our Wise Leadership deserves to Spare Every Precious and Tremendous Efforts to Value

H.E. Azza Bin Sulaiman, the National Olympic Committee Assistant Secretary General for Administrative Affairs has paid a visit to Sports Olympic Village venue of the Tokyo Olympic Sports Tournament accompanied by Ahmad Al Tayeb, the National Olympic Committee Director of Technical and Sports Affairs. They have been acquainted with the preparations of the village; its multi premises, dining halls, sports yards as well as the rooms allocated for memorial photographing and other services to be provided by the village.

From her side, H.E. Azza Bin Sulaiman has confirmed that our wise leadership who continually pleased their peoples deserves, from our side, to exert the tremendous efforts in order to meet its aspirations and targets aiming at raising and prosperity of UAE.

At the same time, H.E. Azza Bin Sulaiman has indicated that the athletes participating in the 32nd Olympic committed to present state-of-the -art performance, and gift all the achievements to our prestigious leadership, with whom, we are proud and honored amongst the world. We are pleased with these leaders who dedicate their efforts in all fields aiming at the happiness of the peoples of UAE. It is, by all means, our all responsibility to feel loyally accountability in all of us, we do appreciate the keen and continued following up from His Highness Sheikh Ahmad bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the UAE National Olympic Committee, which, reflects the kind care and concern of our wise leadership and to be continued updated on their sons, and stand side by side, in all their streamline-honored marches and marathons and events, in which, they represent their beloved UAE.

Bint Sulaiman has added that the Olympic Sports Tournament is the true benchmark measuring the countries sports level, in which, we are watching heroes from every part of the world, enthusiastically looking forward to seeing our sons competing in front of the elites in the field of the sports. Undoubtedly, such competition shall reinforce and enhance our athletes sentiment leading them to achieve the prestigious achievements as well as the most precious medals to be registered in the name of our beloved country.


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