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Holding an Orientation Workshop on the E-Voting System by the NOC Election Commission

In preparation for using it in the elections of the Board of Directors

Holding an Orientation Workshop on the E-Voting System by the NOC Election Commission

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the NOC Election Commission held an orientation workshop in Dubai to explain the method of using e-voting, which will be used during the elections of the NOC Board of Directors for the 2021-2024 electoral cycle, scheduled on the 22nd of this month.

The head of the Election Commission, Consultant/ Omar Muhammad Miran, members (Consultant/ Muhammad Abdulaziz Al Maamari and Consultant/ Hassan Al Marzouqi), representatives of Sports Federations, who have the right to vote, and those, who were nominated to attend the Election Commission General Assembly meeting, attended the orientation workshop.

The Commission reviewed the steps of the e-voting operation, starting with logging in by all voters through a different username and password to ensure the achievement of the transparency and impartiality components, which are the most important principles of the Commission work since the announcement of managing the elections by it, in addition to clarifying the candidate groups according to the rules of procedure of NOC, whether from the 9 members of the Olympic federations, one seat for the non-Olympic federations, and one seat for the women’s category, and voting on the four candidates by H.E the President of NOC.

The Election Commission examined the efficiency and speed of the electronic system designated for the electoral process and measured the time required for completing it to ensure the completion of the works of the General Assembly and the application of these experiences on the day, on which the General Assembly will be held, that will witness the election of a new board of directors for the NOC for the Olympic period 2021-2024 with the announcement of the end of the current board of directors’ mandate.

For his part, Consultant/ Omar Muhammad Miran confirmed the importance of holding the orientation workshop on the e-voting system at this important time that precedes the time, on which the Election Commission General Assembly of the NOC will be held, since this step is a continuation of the efforts made by the Election Commission over the past period in order to achieve the desired goals and to complete the elections process in the best possible manner, praising the keenness of the representatives of the Sports Federations concerned with voting and attending the work of the General Assembly to be present and know about the mechanisms of using the system by the competent work team.


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