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The cycling team starts its participation with a bronze medal in the Pan Arab Games

UAE wins seventh medal.

The cycling team starts its participation with a bronze medal in the Pan Arab Games.

Yousuf Mirza: Our goal is to win the gold medal.

The Wheelchair Basketball Team reaches the semi-finals.

"Women's Volleyball Team" losses against Tunisia.

Zainab Al Hosani and Shaikha Al Zaabi qualify for the quarter-finals of the Fencing Championship.

Our national cycling team won the bronze medal at the beginning of its participation in the Arab Games hosted by Algeria from 5 to 15 of the current month, with the participation of 6,000 athletes from different Arab countries, including 131 male and female athletes representing the UAE in 15 games.

Our men's national team, made up of Yousef Mirza, Jaber Al Mansouri, Abdullah Al Ali, and Saif Al Kaabi, won third place in the 59 km team time trial held in Tipaza, Algeria, recording a time of 1.28.09 hours. The Moroccan team won the gold medal, recording a time of 1.17.59 hours. The Algerian team won the silver medal, recording a time of 1.20.08 hours.

The UAE won seven medals in the Pan Arab Games, all of them bronze: two for the athletics team and four for the People of Determination team in athletic competitions, in addition to the cycling team medal.

Satisfactory Result

Yousuf Mirza, the cyclist of our national team, affirmed that the bronze medal in the team time trial is satisfactory, but their goal is to win gold medals in the Pan Arab Games, indicating that the marathon was not easy and they will do their best to achieve the most valuable achievements in the name of the UAE.

Mirza indicated that his participation is the third in the Pan Arab Games after "Egypt 2007" and "Qatar 2011", wishing them success in the individual competitions in the next few days, especially since the chances are available to raise the bag of medals.

Furthermore, His Excellency, Yousef Saif Khamis Seubaa Al-Ali, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Algeria, and HE Sultan bin Mejren, Head of the UAE Delegation participating in the Pan Arab Games in Algeria, in the presence of Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Director of the delegation, met with several male and female players in the participation of our national teams, stressing the great confidence in the people of the UAE to win the Pan Arab Games.

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Algeria and the Head of the UAE Delegation participating in the Pan Arab Games in Algeria followed the first day of fencing competitions, which was held at the Women's Sports Complex in the Ben Aknoun area of Algiers and saw the qualification of Hamad Al-Jallaf and Khaled Al-Marzouki from the fencing team to the round of 16 in the Fleuret (Foil) competition. Zainab Al Hosani and Shaikha Al Zaabi also qualified for the round of 8 in the Épée competition.

His Excellency Yousef Saif Khamis Seubaa Al-Ali and His Excellency Sultan bin Mejren watched the volleyball match between the UAE women's team and the Tunisian national team, which was held at the Multi-Sports Hall, Harsha Hassan, and ended in a 3-0 victory for Tunisia. The ambassador met with the players after the match, praising the spirit they showed against the experienced Tunisian team.

The head of the delegation, Ibn Mejren, also talked to the female players, indicating that sports must have a winner, but sports communication is one of the significant gains.

Wheelchair Basketball

The UAE wheelchair basketball team qualified for the semi-finals of the championship in the 15th Pan Arab Games competitions.

Our national team qualified despite losing its third match against Algeria 30-84, affected by the absence of a number of its key players, most prominently Tarek El Yassi. Our team will meet Saudi Arabia tomorrow, Tuesday, in Golden Square.

The UAE representative qualified after two wins over Palestine and Libya, respectively, regardless of the result of its match with Saudi Arabia at the end of the preliminary round.


Our national badminton team ended its debut participation in the Asian Games after exiting the quarter-finals in the doubles through the duo of Ghadeer Tahri and Farah Hajji after a difficult match against the Algerian national team duo; Nohad Ben Hawa and Hoda Farid.

Our national ping pong team, made up of Abdullah Al Balushi, Mohammed Mahmoud, and Ali Al Hawai, stumbled at the beginning of its participation in the team competitions hosted in Tipaza after its match against the Qatari team, which ended 0-3 victory for the Qatari team. Our national team will participate in the competitions in a round-robin league system, where they will face the Saudi Arabia team, the first seed in the championship, in the second match, in addition to Tunisia, the second seed, and then Qatar, Libya, and Sudan.

Our national team will compete in three individual competitions: Abdullah Al Hammadi and Mohammed Al Mazmi will participate in the Épée competition, Abdullah Al Salami and Khalifa Al Abri in the Saber competition, and Hiam Al Balushi and Nora Al Breiki in the Fleuret (Foil) competition.

Boxing Team

Our national boxing team relies on the UAE girls in the next round of competitions after the duo Nawaf Ali Al-Zahmi and Hussein Al-Shammar ended their participation in the quarter-finals in the 57 kg/71 kg competition. The organizing committee of the championship announced the opening of participation in friendly fights between unqualified boxers.

Our national modern sailing team continued the marine competitions in the individual category in the second round with the participation of nine promising names of male and female athletes in the "Optimist", "Alka 4", and "Alka 6" competitions, in addition to the participation of our world champion Adel Khaled in the "Alka 7" competitions.

Maysoon Al Balushi, The youngest referee in badminton

The Emirati referee Maysoon Essa Al Balushi managed several competitions in the badminton championship with efficiency and excellence, and she succeeded in representing the Pan Arab Games in Algeria honorably after her distinguished presence among a group of Arab referees. She is considered the youngest referee in the competition, in addition to being the first Emirati referee in the history of badminton competition in the Pan Arab Games.

Maysoon Al Balushi, "19 years old", expressed her happiness with the success of her first external experience, which is considered a new start in the world of refereeing, after managing several local and community competitions, and thanked the National Olympic Committee and the Badminton Federation in the UAE.

Ali Al Marzouqi: We are keen on honorable representation

Ali Al Marzouqi, Head of the Fencing Mission and Executive Director of the UAE Fencing Federation, affirmed that the Pan Arab Games is an important station for contact with the elite players alongside the honorable representation of UAE sports, indicating that the event is a preparation station for a group of promising players that the team relies on in the future, and everyone will do his best to achieve the best results.

Al-Marzouqi added that the Kuwaiti team is one of the most prominent competing teams, and many criteria will determine the features of the path to the podium, most prominently the results of the draw. He also mentioned that the Asian Championship in China is one of the most important benefits of the team's investment in the preparation process for the Pan Arab Games.


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