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UAE NOC signs a memorandum of understanding with its Uzbek counterpart.

The National Olympic Committee signed a memorandum of understanding with its counterpart in the Republic of Uzbekistan aiming to extend bridges of cooperation between both entities, exchange experiences, invest energies and talents, and enhance capabilities and competencies.

The committee was represented by Engineer Azza bint Suleiman, Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the National Olympic Committee, while Oybek Kasimov, Secretary-General of the Uzbek Olympic Committee, signed on the other side.

The agreement provides for the dissemination of Olympic values and culture, the promotion of national identity and community service, design of technical programs, participation with the sports federations in discovering and selecting sports talents through a number of health, physical, psychological and technical determinants, since the Uzbek Olympic Committee aims to advance the Olympic movement and enhance sports capabilities, as the agreement stems from the two parties’ desire to strengthen bilateral relations in the field of sports and the Olympic movements, with the aim of strengthening the bonds of cooperation and mutual understanding between the sports institutions in both countries, in light of the good relations that bring both countries together, and to contribute to define plans and programs related to the discovery and selection of sports talents and making Olympic champions.

H.E Engineer Azza bint Suleiman stressed that signing memoranda of understanding and consolidating relations with all partners stems from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the National Olympic Committee, on the importance of exchanging experiences in various fields of sports and benefiting from all sports aspects, since the UAE has high-quality sports infrastructure and facilities, which enabled the State to organize and host major continental and international events that witnessed great organizational success, including the Asian Nations Cup 2019, as well as the Special Olympics World Games / Abu Dhabi 2019 with the participation of 7,500 players and 3,000 coaches, representing 192 countries from all over the world .

Bint Suleiman pointed out the need to benefit from the experiences in the sports sector in the two countries, in order to achieve the desired benefit for all, whether in the technical, administrative and organizational aspects, since the UAE sport has witnessed a great leap during the last stage thanks to the support and attention of the wise leadership, which resulted in positive, tangible results and achievements and multiple successes.

For his part, Oybek Kasimov expressed his happiness at building a new partnership with the National Olympic Committee, which represents a starting point for further cooperation and integration in all aspects of the Olympic movement, thus contributing to doubling joint work opportunities and coordinating efforts between the two parties, to provide innovative ideas and visions that serve the interests of athletes in both countries.


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