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A historic achievement by the UAE's fencing in the Arab Games

Boxing Team won two bronze medals in the women's competition.

A historic achievement by the UAE's fencing in the Arab Games

Salem Al Qasimi congratulates the male and female players, hailing the well-organized tournament

Women's volleyball versus Tunisia in the semi-finals

Table Tennis team beats Libya and Sudan's teams in the "Teams" contest

UAE's Chess gearing toward new Arab achievements

The UAE fencing won two silver medals, as men's fencing and women's fencing teams have reached the final in team competition in the 15th edition of the Arab Games hosted by Algeria. Men's team qualified after bearing the Kuwait's team 45-43 in the semi-finals. Also, The women's fencing team won the Saudi national team 45-41. This is the first time in history of the Arab tournaments that the UAE fencer has made such presence in the final, with two gold medals expected by the fencing team in the final.

Our national boxing team won two bronze medals in the 15th edition of the Arab Games hosted by Algeria, through our player Jawaher Al-Amiri in the 48 kg competition, and the player Haya Jassim in the 52 kg competition.

With the two bronze medals by UAE boxing team and the two medals by fencing team, in wait of the results of the two final matches, the medals won by the UAE has risen to 13 colored medals, in addition to the previous result achieved including two golds by the chess team and 7 bronzes: two bronzes by athletics, one by men and the second by women, and a bronze by bicycles, and 4 by players of determination (disabled players)

The fencing competitions were seen by Sheikh Engineer Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Asian, Arab and Emirati Fencing Federations, who praised the historic achievement of the UAE's Fencing in the Arab Tournament. This confirms UAE's development thanks to the previous years of work with the ambition of reaching the highest levels. He further stated that Algeria restored the spirit to the Arab Games by organizing the edition The 15th Arab Games after an absence of 12 years, praising the performance of the UAE fencers and congratulated them and their coach Osama Adel Qandil and all members of the administrative and technical staff on the achievement.

Excellent Level

Sheikh Salem Al-Qasimi praised the level of Algeria's organization of the 15th Arab Games, expressing his pride in the good organization, hosting, and the honorable level that the Arab event showed, stressing that Algeria's organization of the Games has revived the spirit in it again after an absence of 12 years since the Qatar 2011 edition. He also confirmed that the UAE's fencing benefited from the strong technical test due to the presence of a very advanced teams in the game, such as teams of Algeria, Jordan and Tunisia, according competitions results.

He added: "The tournament is a platform for male and female players, introducing them to the world stage as it provides an opportunity for male and female players to hone their levels in various games thanks to contacting with their peers. I consider this tournament as a sports camp for the athletes of Arab countries, not forgetting the sublime goal: creating an environment for our sons and daughters to meet and to develop their levels and to strengthen the bonds of fraternity among them. This is the goal sought by the League of Arab States behind organizing such games.

Regarding the technical level of the sport of fencing, he said: "I followed up the competitions and the advanced level of fencing swords at the level of males and females, and we discovered talents and skills that will make Olympic achievements in the near future, especially for Algeria and Jordan."

Regarding his opinion on the UAE's level participation in fencing, he said: "The UAE fencing is moving forward on the right track, which is proved by their reaching the final.

Cycling Team

On the other hand, our national team's cyclist Abdullah Al Ali achieved the sixth place in the individual time competition for a distance of 29.5 km in the city of Tipaza, while our player Marwa Salman came in eighth place in the women's race for a distance of 15.5 km.

Our table tennis team had two consecutive wins before the close of group contests. They won the first match through the team consisting of Abdullah Al Balushi, Muhammad Mahmoud and Ali Al Hawai, beating their Libyan team 3-1, in addition to beating Sudan 3-0 in the second match.

Woman's Basketball

Our women's basketball team has a clash with its Tunisian counterpart in the semi-finals at the Harshah Hassan Multi-Purpose Hall in Al-Abyar. The team finished their preparations and training yesterday on the court of the expected match, led by the Egyptian Essam Abdel-Moati Khorshid, the technical director of the national team. The woman players are enthusiastic with determination to reach the final round, which if happens, will be the first of its kind.

Arwa Ahmed, director of the team, said: "Despite the Tunisian team's strength and their players' vast experience, our confidence in our players is great, and this was demonstrated by their beating Jordan 3-2 and their reaching the golden square. We wish them continued success."

Rapid Chess

The rapid chess championship competitions are now in the final rounds, where our team is looking forward to enhancing their presence on the trophy podiums with more new Arab championship competitions achievements after winning the two gold medals in the men's and women's team competitions.

Our national weightlifting team finished their preparations to participate (on Thursday) in the Arab Games, where our player Issa Ragab competes in the 89-kilogram weight competition, while our player Mai Al-Madani participates in the 71-kg weight competition.

Karate team is preparing to enter competitions on Thursday.

The karate team arrived in Algeria in preparation for the competitions, which will last for two days, Thursday and Friday. The karate team includes Ahmed Salem Ahmed Idriya, Waheed Hosseini as technical director, and the players Amina Hajji, Hawraa Muhammad Abbas, Sarah Hatem Al-Amiri, Fatima Salem Khamis, and the player Suleiman Abdul Qadir Al-Mulla after recovering from injury and rehabilitation.

Ahmed Salem Ahmed, administrator of the karate team, said that the team performed their first session on Tuesday, and the morale was high. We came with the ambition to represent the country honorably and to make every effort to raise the UAE's flag on the trophy podium.

Jawaher Al-Amiri: I am proud of winning the boxing bronze medal

Jawaher Al-Amiri, the national boxing player, expressed her pride and happiness after winning the bronze medal in the tournament, which saw strong participation by the elite Arab teams. She said that winning the bronze medal in the Arab Championship is a start towards achieving more achievements for UAE sports in the future. She further said that she has achieved many wins in the Arab participation, such as experience in her sports career in light of the participation of many players in the event from all over the Arab world.

Haya Jassim: Happy to be on the trophy podium

Haya Jassim, the national boxing team player, expressed her happiness being in trophy podium in the Arab Games. She added that the participation was successful thanks to the collective effort and the one-team high spirit among all the players and the UAE national team delegation, thanking and appreciating everyone who supported her in the Arab games, particularly the UAE Boxing Federation and National Olympic Committee.


Tariq Al Yasi: Our ambition is gold for the "Wheelchair Basketball " competitions

Tariq Al Yasi, captain of our national team for people of determination (disabled players), confirmed that their ambition is to reach the trophy podium in the basketball competition on wheelchairs and to return to the homeland with a new sporting achievement by winning the gold medal after they were successful in more than one match against the teams participating in the Arab Games. He stressed his confidence in all his fellow players, who confirmed that they are up to the challenge and responsibility thanks to their determination and persistence in every match, playing as per the plan drawn up to realize the best results.

Sultan Al-Wali: An honorable representation in the "boxing" refereeing

Our international referee Sultan Al-Wali, the Emirati referee, participated in refereeing boxing matches in the Arab Games in Algeria. He is the UAE's representative in boxing refereeing thanks to his successful participation in many Asian and international championships, including the 2022 World Cup in Spain. He is also considered the first Gulf referee to obtain the highest level in the international classification 3 stars" in 2018.

Sultan Al-Wali expressed his happiness to participate in the Arab Games, which include a group of Arab referees with long experience. Arab participation is a real addition to his career, which began in 2004 in the refereeing after his nomination based on the international classification in coordination with the International Boxing Federation. He is one of the few Gulf referees, hoping to put an Emirati footprint in this field, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the UAE Boxing Federation and the National Olympic Committee for their efforts towards the success of participation.



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