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After losing at the preliminary round, Ivan leaves Tokyo Olympics & AlNoobi will compete tomorrow

Ivan Romanko, our National Judo Team Player, left under 100 kg competitions after losing against his Canadian counterpart Shadi Al-Nahhas in the 32nd Judo Tournament of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games hosted at the Japanese capital, Tokyo, during the period (23rd July – 8th August), with the participation of 11839 athletes competing in 33 sports. By 339 competitions in 48 sports facilities.

Participation of our national team runner, Mohammed Hassan Al-Nubi, is the only representer of Emirate in the Olympic forum tomorrow, Saturday, in the 100-meter race, after the departure of the athletes participating in the tournament, namely Saif bin Futais, our national team shooter, who ranked 24th in the skeet competition with 117 points, and Victor Skritov, our national judo player, who left the round No. 32 under 73 kg, and Yousuf Al Matrooshi, who ranked 50th in the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 51:50 seconds.


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