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Al Matrooshi Bears UAE Flag In Tokyo Opening Ceremony

Yousef Al-Matrooshi, the swimmer has been honored by raising the UAE flag in the opening ceremony of the 32 Olympic Sport Tournament hosted by Tokyo during (July 23rd, -August 8th), participated by 83,911 athletes competing in 33 sports divided by 339 competitions held in 48 sports venues.

From his side, Al-Matrooshi, the Swimmer of our National Team expressed his unforgettable happiness being that he has been selected to bear the UAE flag in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Sports Tournament. It is the prestigious event that is followed by millions all over the world. He confirmed that it is the moment that every athlete passionately is waiting for, to bear the flag, it is unforgettable moment in the career path of any athlete.

Al-Matrooshi extended his thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the National Olympic Committee chaired by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum for granting him this great honor which deserves exerting every effort to meet this great trust of bearing the banner of UAE. The banner of UAE is the symbol of glory and prejudice and to parade proudly in a continued march in front of the delegations attending the ceremony.

The ceremony has witnessed a number of the technological attractive presentations included on the paragraphs that narrated several distinguished chapters of the Japanese cultural traditions and legacy. They have highlighted the success of the hosting country to hold and arrange this prestigious event under very extraordinary circumstances currently infecting the world. The participating teams have successfully painted woodwork tableaus embodying a great structure of the Olympic Torch decorating the opening stadium. At the beginning of the ceremony, it has been witnessed that the Japanese flag was born by a number of Olympic Japanese winners in the previous Olympic Competitions.

The ceremony witnessed a fantastic music presentation that has been instantly with another watching presentation underpinning the major outstanding competitions. Its rhythm has been adjusted to comply with the movements of the athletes in Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics in order to introduce a unique prestigious-beautiful picture one in its kind.

The organizers of the ceremony paid a special attention to the peoples of determination, they afford them the opportunity to participate in all multi paragraphs, where they contributed in forming several structures of human features and frames. Then, the registered word of the Bangladeshi Mohamad Younis, who has been awarded Nobel Peace Prize in in 2006, on occasion of awarding him Laurel Prize, which has been launched by the International Olympic Committee in 2016 aiming at honoring and celebrating those who have accomplished achievements in in Education and Culture via Sports. Afterwards, a queue of fantastic delegating parties passed by bearing the flags of their countries.


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