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Al Noobi concludes our participation in Tokyo Olympics

After his honorable first appearance at the Olympic forums level, our national team runner, Mohamed Hassan Al Noobi see off the 32nd Summer Olympic Games held in Tokyo during the period (23rd July – 8th August), with the participation of 11,839 athletes competing in 33 sports, with 339 competitions in 48 sports facilities, after recording a time of 10:59 seconds in the preliminary round to qualify for the final rounds, which witnessed achieving a time of 10:64 seconds in 8th place.

Al Noobi is credited with his outstanding performance, insistence to provide the best, enthusiasm and his passion for the importance of scoring distinguished records, despite his participation with an invitation card and not through a qualifying number, as he scored the best personal record in the preliminary round, which witnessed a rise in temperature.

Mohammed Hassan Al Noobi confirmed that what he achieved in the Olympic Games in Tokyo will not be the end, given his keenness to promote his level and improve his performance through the application of a set of training programs that will be implemented under the supervision of specialized technicians in the Athletics Federation, noting that his preparation throughout the last stage had a great impact in achieving such positive results, which he will not stop at, but will be a strong motivation towards more successes and a step to be crowned with the colored medals at all levels.

Al Noobi pointed to the need to define goals and objectives before each participation and the personal ambition that the athlete puts in mind to achieve, explaining that the main goal of his participation in the Tokyo Olympics is to achieve a new record and make the best possible use of the multiple advantages of being in a forum as the Olympic Games.


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