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Al Noobi concludes our participation tomorrow with the 100m race at Tokyo Olympics

Tomorrow, our national team runner, Mohammed Hassan Al Noobi, concludes our participation in the 32nd Summer Olympic Games hosted at the Japanese capital, Tokyo, during the period (23rd July – 8th August), with the participation of 11839 athletes competing in 33 sports, with 339 competitions in 48 sports facilities, as he competes in the 100 meters race on the Olympic stadium in Japanese Capital. Tokyo.

Jamaican legend runner Usain Bolt holds the record for the 100 meters at the Olympic Games with a time of 9.63 seconds at the London Olympics in 2012, and also holds the record for the same race at the world championships with a time of 9.58 seconds, specifically at the World Championship in Berlin in 2009.

The Runner Mohamed Hassan Al Noobi stressed that participating in the Olympic Games is a dream for any athlete aspiring to raise his country's representation with all countries of the world that came to compete and stand on the podiums and achieve the most valuable titles and achievements. Added, "I extend my thanks and appreciation to the National Olympic Committee, the Athletics Federation, the Council of Sharjah Sports and all those who supported me in my path to reach this honorable stage, and I will strive to make all my efforts for the sake of the Emirates, its name and its well-known and leading position among the world countries in all fields, which is the responsibility of all of us as athletes who represent the state in all sports forums.”

Al Noobi added that the pre-Olympic stage witnessed his entry into a training camp in Bulgaria to raise his physical and mental efficiency in preparation for participation in the Tokyo Olympics, noting that despite the short duration of the camp, benefited from many factors gained from training, refinement, and preparation. “I aspire to break the State’s and my personal record achieving a good result for UAE sports. Absolutely my presence in the Olympic Games is a great opportunity to participate in front of the world champions and Olympic champion, benefit from their level and performance, return with a positive result and then start the technical programs set by the Federation, and redouble efforts to reap the colored medals in the upcoming events.”


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