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Our national Air sports team concludes the second day competitions of Birmingham international World

Achieving sixth and tenth in the skydiving competition.

Our national Air sports team concludes the second day competitions of Birmingham international World Games.

Our national air sports team concluded the second day of the skydiving competition in the World Games Olympic hosted by Birmingham American City during the period (7-17) of this month with the participation of 3,600 athletes from 100 countries around the world competing in 36 sports.

Abdel Bari al-Qubaisi ranked sixth in the overall ranking table, while Cornelia Mihai came in tenth place and each of them was left with 6 rounds to identify the first placeholders after calculating the total of the 12 rounds that were held over 3 days in Birmingham International Speedway.

The second day competitions witnessed several weather fluctuations, which resulted in the postponement of the launch of the rounds until it was confirmed that the climate conditions improved. This is due to the intensity of clouds and rainfall, which led to the suspension of the competitions before their return and then postponement of the last two rounds to the third day competitions.

Abdul Bari al-Qubaisi did not succeed after being exposed to a sudden emergency that forced him to use the spare umbrella, to land peacefully away from the goal set by the technical committee of the competition.


On the other hand, Shama Al-Kalbani, our 63 kg national team for Jujitsu, confirmed her readiness to compete in the World Games after the preparation phase that began immediately after the Asian Championship. She indicated her confidence in raising the state flag in this great global forum and competing for gold medal for the first place.

Shamaa Al Kalbani pointed out that all fights and confrontations require more focus, work and effort due to the strong level of all the female players involved and the presence of the elite after qualifying for the Olympic. She also stressed the importance of conducting all competitions with high confidence, regardless of the confrontation and the classification of female players from the competing teams.

Mohamed Al-Omari, our 77 kg national Jujutsu team player, also described the camp set up for the team in California in preparation for participating in the Olympic with being meaningful. As During the Olympic, many technical and mental aspects were identified and the level of fitness was raised. He pointed that that the team's players received intensive training doses 4 times a day to prepare well and enhance the team's chances of winning as many colored medals as possible.

Al-Omari revealed the strength of the level of the players in the same weight, especially the Bahraini player Ali alone, who is at the top of the ranking. This doubles the responsibility and challenge to win a medal in the name of the UAE at the event. Moreover, He explained that nothing is impossible with determination and seeking to raise the flag of the homeland on the podiums of the coronation.


Jaber Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Emirates Karate Rulers Committee and member of the Asian Union Rulers Committee, managed 7 final matches in various karate competitions within the World Games competitions with the participation of 18 referees from all countries of the world. The championship witnessed the world's top 8 players participate in each weight at the Kata and Comet competitions.


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