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Sports Medicine Team discussed the preparations of the Asian Games in Hangzhou

The Sports Medicine Team discussed the preparations for providing medical care for athletes competing in the Asian Games in Hangzhou

The medical delegation accompanying the UAE sports delegation participating in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, during the period (September 20–October 8), discussed the preparations for the medical care aspects and reviewed the health files of all 140 participating athletes in 20 individual and team sports.

Dr. Abdullah Al Rahoumi, Vice President of the Sports Medicine Committee of the National Olympic Committee, and Head of the Medical Delegation at the Asian Games, chaired the coordination meeting with members of the medical team. The attendees discussed ways to enhance efforts in the health and awareness aspect throughout the event by committing to the instructions of the organizing committee of the tournament, reviewing the medical files of the athletes participating herein and the details it contained, which included the history of previous injuries and periodic follow-ups, in addition to reviewing the list of tools and medicines for the medical staff participating in the Games.

During his meeting with the medical team accompanying the UAE delegation at the Asian Games, Dr. Abdullah Al Rahoumi stressed the importance of implementing the rapid response component with all cases that may arise during sports competitions, to provide appropriate medical care for the participating athletes and support them in the required manner to complete their noble mission in representing the UAE as well as possible.

Al-Rahoumi pointed out that the medical team will list and follow up on all athletes in the event of injuries during the tournament to be used in the survey that will be conducted by the Sports Medicine Committee to identify the problems that athletes may be exposed to. The medical team will also measure the nutritional status of athletes by the latest technologies used in this aspect before and after participation, to contribute to preparing the general assessment to develop a specific strategy for the upcoming participations and events.

During the meeting, members of the medical team also discussed coordinating medical follow-up schedules for competitions and training, educating medical staff, and updating medical data about stimulants. All observations and suggestions received from the medical team responsible for the athletes were also recorded in preparation for approving the final plan that the team will follow during the tournament.


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