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The launch of the technical director program for sports federations

Yesterday (Tuesday) at the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee in Dubai, the course of the Technical Director Program for Sports Federations, organized by the National Olympic Academy, was launched within a variety of themes, including the technical management of the Olympic Committee and sports federations, the topics of designing technical plans and programmes, technical standards and their relationship to the organization of sports events, and doping.

Her Excellency Eng. Azza bint Sulaiman, Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the National Olympic Committee, inaugurated the activities of the course in the presence of Mohammed bin Darwish, Acting Director of the National Olympic Academy, where Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Director of Technical and Sports Affairs at the National Olympic Committee, started the course program with the first axis "Technical management in the Olympic Committee and federations." Sports "with the participation of representatives of various sports federations in the country.

The first topic of the course discussed the technical management in the Olympic Committee, the criteria for selecting athletes in sports courses, the various technical programs in the Olympic Committee, the relationship between the local federation, international sports organizations and the Olympic Committee, and continuous learning in the field of Olympic technical.

Ahmed Al-Tayeb reviewed the tasks of the technical department in the Olympic Committee, where it came first to develop programs to develop the talents of athletes and take care of them in coordination with the concerned sports authorities and organizational units of the Committee and supervise their implementation after approval, prepare the technical evaluation and monitor the level of coaches and athletes in the Olympic federations and raise development proposals, follow up on the teams’ programs Contributing to the preparation of distinguished athletes for sports courses and working to achieve them, preparing awareness programs for technical cadres in sports federations, preparing an integrated system for the Olympic champion industry in cooperation with the concerned authorities, and preparing a sports database.

At the beginning of the session, Ahmed Al-Tayeb presented a brief summary of the competencies and objectives of the National Olympic Committee, which is to work on practicing sports within the scope of respect for the International and National Olympic Charter, promoting the Olympic movement, its principles and values, spreading the basic principles of the Olympic movement, and enforcing the principles of the National Olympic Charter in the community’s lifestyle.


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