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10 suggested topics for the medical training program

10 suggested topics for the medical training program

Olympic Medical Committee discuss members' proposals and participation in the national plan for non-communicable diseases

The Sports Medicine Committee of the Olympic Committee discussed the proposals of members and the list of sports events and forums for the year 2022, and ways to enhance preparations to accompany sports delegations in the interest of the country, and the nomination for the Sheikh Fahd Prize “Hiroshima Asia” in sports medicine and science for the year 2021, which is awarded once every 4 years in conjunction with the Asian Games For the best project in the field of sports medicine in Asia.

This came during the meeting of the Sports Medicine Committee of the National Olympic Committee, which was held yesterday evening, Tuesday evening, using the means of visual communication, headed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Rahoomi, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, and in the presence of the members Dr. Murat Dalkling, Dr. Farhat Fadloun, Dr. Ramzi Ross, and Kamel Abdullah, the Committee’s Rapporteur.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rahoomi suggested the medical training program, which includes 10 different topics, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, shooting injuries and therapeutic methods, swimming injuries and therapeutic methods, adhesive sports injuries, especially in combat games, horse riding injuries, badminton and games. Powers, fencing, and multiple medical emergencies.

The meeting also witnessed a review of the invitation of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection for the workshop to implement the national plan for non-communicable diseases, whose tasks are summarized in attending the introductory workshop of the national plan to reduce the risk factors causing non-communicable diseases, updating the national plan, developing initiatives and activities that contribute to the development and implementation of the national plan to combat non-communicable diseases. Infectious disease, and strengthening cooperation between various sectors to implement the national plan.

The attendees also reviewed the medical services files for the 2022 Chinese Hangzhou Asian Games.


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