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NOC brings together a forum for candidates to qualify for Paris 2024

National Olympic Committee held a forum for the candidates from the sports federations to prepare for the Olympic Games - Paris 2024, which was held in Baniyas Hall at the Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel, and was attended by Mohammed ben Sulayem, Secretary-General of the NOC, Engineer Azza bint Sulaiman, Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the Committee, and Mohammed bin Darwish, Executive Director of the Committee, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Director of the Technical and Sports Affairs Department of the Committee, and Dr. Muhammad Fadlallah, Legal Adviser to the Committee, Omar Abdel Rahman, Director of Sports Department at the General Authority of Sports, and Ahmed Al-Abdouli from the General Authority of Sports, in addition to representatives of 9 sports federations, namely rugby, shooting, weightlifting, boxing and fencing, Equestrian, cycling, swimming, sailing and kayaking.

Mohammed ben Sulayem, Secretary-General of the NOC, conveyed the greetings of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the National Olympic Committee, to all the attendees. In his speech to the athletes, he said: “We are pleased today to meet with the players nominated by the sports federations towards preparing for qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

He stressed that this forum represents one of the outputs of the technical questionnaire that the Olympic Committee recently applied with the sports federations to reach the target group, which will be prepared for the next Olympics. Players nominated medically and technically.

And demanded to do everything in order to raise the UAE Flag in Paris 2024. And achieve colored medals which reprsent the opportunity not only for players but for the sport system in general, and NOC would stand behind all athletes to reach the goal.

The forum, which began with the playing of the national anthem of the United Arab Emirates, witnessed a video of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, and each representative of the federations gave a speech about the preparation for the Olympics, the nominated players and the great ambitions, in addition to presenting the previous results of the teams.

The federations thanked the National Olympic Committee for this initiative and the new step in the history of sport, which heralds a change in the concept of preparation for the upcoming Olympic and international tournaments, and also to the General Sports Authority for its support for athletes.

Dr. Muhammad Fadlallah also reviewed the results of the questionnaire conducted by the Olympic Committee with the sports federations, while Ahmed Al-Tayeb presented the road plan to Paris 2024 and the UAE's history in the Olympics.

After the forum ended, Mohammed ben Sulayem, Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee, was keen to take a commemorative photo with all the athletes and representatives of the federations. He also listened to a number of federation officials about the challenges facing the preparations for the Olympics. With the work team that did the survey with the sports federations.


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